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We aim for the highest standards of quality in all the services we offer.


At all times, you have access to your Airbnb account, messages and reservations.


We firmly believe that the success of any relationship is based on communication.

Steve Malizia

Steve stands out for his warmth and sense of humor, but behind his joking side, he is perfectionist, loyal and insightful.

He is passionate about management leading to performance, which explains his clever pleasure in optimizing and improving everything he touches.

Mathieu Laflamme

Being a go-getter and an eternal optimist, Mathieu simply never backs down. Always ready to help others, he thrives to solve problems.  

Mathieu realizes his dream by building strong relationships with his clients. Taking nothing for granted, he loves to be challenged on the goals and high standards that CHECKiN is renowned for.

What makes CHECKiN different from other companies?

In addition to our expertise in revenue optimization and hospitality, here are the 3 biggest differences that make our clients happy and that position CHECKiN in a class of its own:

Our clients own and will always own their Airbnb account. The technology that CHECKiN uses to manage your Airbnb account allows you to keep owning it. As a result, you get all the benefits of being an Airbnb host and keep your ads and your reputation even if you end the partnership with us.

Owners who do business with CHECKiN receive, directly in their bank account, all revenues from Airbnb, including housekeeping fees, 24 hours after the arrival of guests. Unlike other companies, CHECKiN bases its numerous partnerships on mutual trust.

CHECKiN provides its own bedding and completely refuels the food and sanitary elements with its own inventory. CHECKiN will never ask its customers to provide any equipment or cleaning products. No more rapid obsolescence of the sheets, white towels destroyed by makeup and astronomical expenses in toilet paper, CHECKiN takes care of everything!

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