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How To Finance Your Trip With Your Home?

How to finance your trip with your home?

Are you an apartment or house owner? Is your home vacant during your vacation or business trip ? Find out how to generate revenue while you are away !

When you go on holiday or business trips, most of the time our property is empty and we still need to pay for all the bills. The real cost of your trip is the expense during this one PLUS your current home’s bills.

Going on a trip requires a lot of organization and above all a good amount of money, you will surely tell me: “We have worked all year to pay for our holidays and we don’t need to rent our apartment and we don’t have time to manage it!”

Yes, I understand, but imagine for two seconds, the option of renting your property to generate revenue and ultimately refund your trip while having nothing to do… It’s possible !  With CHECKiN, we make sure to choose your tenants with good cares and we generate revenue that will eventually pays your home bills PLUS your travel expense, partially or completely.

Above all

The first thing to ask yourself is: Is it all worth it? Do you travel for several weeks or months a year? 

I will not hide this from you: organizing your apartment or your house for short-term rental requires time, investment and energy. 

The first step will be to do a complete deep cleaning, tidy up personals and store valuables, buy new bedding and towels for the guests, take beautiful pictures, create the listing and above all manage the bookings and tenants while being far from home. That’s a lot of work!

When you go on a trip, you want to have a peace of mind, you don’t want to deal with guest’s messages or booking request while sipping your ice cold mojito on the beach on the other side of the world.

That’s exactly what CHECKiN offers you: leave with peace of mind and we’ ll take care of everything!

Inhale … Exhale and focus on your trip

Thanks to our full rental management service. Focus on your trip while we take care of your home & guests. Come back to your house whenever you want and decide if you want it clean before landing back in the city.

We will take care of your listing creation, your bookings, housekeeping at the end of each stay, the bedding rotation that we provide and the communication with each and every guests. We are the only company where you remain the owner of your Airbnb listing. You will receive directly into your bank account, all income from the booking, including housekeeping fees, after the guests’ arrival. Indeed, unlike other companies, CHECKiN bases its many partnerships on trust and integrity.

By accessing your Airbnb account, you can see exactly when are your booking, your guests information, communication and of course your revenue!

Study Case : Serge in the Land of the Rising Sun

Here’s the portrait of Serge who often travels to Japan for business trips.

When in Montreal, he lives in a beautiful loft in the heart of Le Plateau and was sad to leave it empty while he’s away for many months in a row 2 times a year. His apartment is very well located, with an undeniable character. There was no doubt that his loft would be very well rented during his absences and he decided to trust CHECKiN after analyzing our revenue forecast and read our simple agreement.

After more than 2 years trusting CHECKiN, Serge is now a Super Host on Airbnb and has generated more than 9,000$ in rental revenue each time he travelled for business in summer.

If you recognize yourself in this portrait, visit our website to estimate your revenues for free!

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